Welcome to the UKFGR web site

UKFGR is the UK network of forest genetic trials. It is coordinated by the Future Trees Trust, a registered charity. It integrates provenance, progeny and clonal trials and archives of the main commercial broadleaved species. These trials are currently owned or managed by different institutions and private landowners.

Aims and scope

The primary purposes of UKFGR are (1) to provide a permanent site for the safe storage of data (repository) obtained from genetic trials of forest species, (2) to encourage data sharing among institutions to multiply its value and fostering dissemination of results and (3) to facilitate information exchange and the implementation of common validated protocols for the installation and measurement of forest genetic trials.

How to obtain data

Datasets that are available are listed for each trial. You can obtain data by writing to the researcher responsible for managing the trial in question or contacting Future Trees Trust (research@futuretrees.org)

How to participate

UKFGR is open to new partners. Researchers or institutions interested in engaging with the network are invited to contact Future Trees Trust (research@futuretrees.org)

This Project is being carried out by Future Trees trust, in partnership with Forest Research www.forestresearch.gov.uk and the UK Forest Genetic Resources Group www.kew.org/science/our-science/projects/uk-forest-genetic-resources-strategy